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  • Four Moderately Priced Rooftop Bars & Cafés Around Cairo

    Pour vous

    Amidst Cairo’s pocket-sucking rooftops, comes a very select niche of moderately priced rooftop bars and cafes that do your wallet right, as well as, your senses. These rooftops are in your neighbourhood; they offer different and breathtaking scenes of Cairo and a wide variety of food and drinks.

    Pour Vous: Zamalek Rooftop Café and Bar

    by Mariam Elewa

    21 El Maahad El Swesry Street, Sedqy Square, Zamalek

    Located on 21 El Maahad El Swesry Street, Zamalek, Pour Vous lands on the rooftop of Zamalek Nile Hotel that paints the colorful reflections of the beautiful Nile and its boats along towers of modern Egypt. The breeze of fresh air and the quiet atmosphere even make it better for those who want to escape Cairo’s loud streets without paying a lot to – most of the time – overpriced rooftop cafés and bars. You can eat, smoke shisha or drink at your own comfort without having to pay too much!  The only downside is that the service has been reported as not very satisfying by some people, but if you don’t care about that, you know what to do.

    3al Genena Café and Bar

    3al gnena

    7 Radwan Ebn El Tabib St. , behind Giza Zoo, Giza

    The scenery of Giza Zoo is spectacular from above; the trees and grass make for a big percentage of your view and it doesn’t look anywhere near how it looks when you are in it. It actually somehow reminds you of Central Park, NY, but just scaled down to an Egyptian version. The staff at 3al Genana is friendly and orders come fast; they have a wide selection of food and mostly they are really good (pastas especially) and there are drinks and Shisha available as well.  

    Carlton Bar


    21 – 26Th Of July Street, Downtown

    During our visit to Carlton Bar, we couldn’t help but notice the soothing selection of music playing in the background along with a refreshing cold breeze that set the mood for a night of connection with others where everyone is relaxed and is enjoying their time in the company of others, without loud music disturbing our peace, or harsh winds making us tremble in cold. The view is of Downtown, mainly the Higher Judiciary Court, and the service was relatively quick as well, and there was food too. This is for those who like the view of Downtown without the noise of the hustle and bustle of Cairo’s busiest places.  

    Horreya Hotel Café and Bar


    Horreya Hotel, 14 Horreya St. Heliopolis

    Each of the rooftops in this list offer a different ambiance to Cairo, with their scenery, music and food, but Horreya’s Café and Bar is about living in the late 70’s and early 80’s in modern Cairo with its walls covered in polished wood, retaining the old school style that some might be longing for. Horreya doesn’t, however, offer much scenery, just a feeling of seclusion from Cairo’s busy life and a beautiful sunset over Heliopolis’s long withstanding and old buildings. Food and drinks are moderately priced here too. Just don’t get your hopes up if you expect amazing food and new tastes to explore, their menu is full of ordinary dishes and things that everyone knows the recipes for.

    By Adel M. Fakhry