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    With Tamarai’s Heroes Unleashed Halloween party being just around the corner, I got to thinking – how many people are going to show up as Batman? How many dudes on the prowl will end up dressing like Thor? The answer is lots.

    So here are five ways to stand out and be original – all these superheros are real. Well not real, but you know what I mean.


    Vibe was a very brief member of the Justice League, during a time when DC Comics chose to reach out to Latinos in the US. His powers were creating shock waves, but preferred to spend most of his time break-dancing and picking up women. Wait, that’s slightly racist isn’t it?



    Although he’s dressed like a matador moonlighting as one of Santa’s little elves, The Red Bee is quite the superhero. Like Batman, he has no powers, but he does have a  trained bumblebee he uses to…do things.



    Captain Marvel came to Earth when his planet exploded – most likely due to a synchronised limb-splitting exercise. As an alien, his powers include flight, eye laser stuff and bullet deflection. What makes him unique is that his limbs detach whenever he yells “SPLIT!” They then reattach with a “XAM!” Amazing.


    Forget Scarlet Witch or Phoenix, Squirrel Girl is where the sexy is at! Not only does she have the skills of a squirrel, but she can also recruit the help of squirrels around her. Just remember that when you’re in a park in London.


    Last but not least, meet Madame Fatal; the first cross-dressing superhero! Richard Stanton first dresses like an old lady to rescue his kidnapped daughter – apparently he felt like he had really stumbled onto something so he just kept on doing it.

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