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  • February at Cairo Jazz Club: Electro-Shaabi, DJ Debuts, Anti-Valentine’s & More


    Let’s skip the small talk about how January has come and gone so quickly, ad nauseum. You see, there are much more pressing matters that need attending to, not least Cairo Jazz Club’s stacked schedule for the coming February.

    As always, the schedule is a veritable kaleidoscope of music, with the city’s best DJs, bands and musicians covering all bases. Hold on tight – you’re going to be spending a lot of time at ‘The Jazz’ this month.

    ESLAM EL SHA’ARY (Sunday 5th)

    eslam-el-shaary(Photo: Eslam El Sha’ary/Facebook)

    The folk at Cairo Jazz Club often like to kick off the week with some live music – something a little bit chill to ease you into the work week. On Sunday 5th, the man taking the mic is one of the most unique active musicians in Egypt today. Instrumentalist, composer and singer-songwriter, Eslam El Sha’ary, is often labeled with vague phrases like world music and fusion – an unfair reflection of his complex, layered sound that takes inspiration from all across Asia. See? A nice, easy, almost spiritual start to your week


    things-meteors-project(Photo: The Meteors Project/Facebook)

    If intelligent, thoughtful electronic music is your poison of choice, then you probably wear skinny jeans and have a fringe much longer than the rest of your hair, you darn hipster. Sorry, what we meant to say is that if intelligent, thoughtful electronic music is your poison of choice, then put a big fat ‘X’ in red marker on your calendar on Thursday 9th. The night will see the advocates of the ambient, Finrod, return to the CJC stage (fans of Atoms for Peace should check them out) as well as The Meteors Project (pictured above), who bring their unique and holy union of live and electronic music to the stage. Rounding off this colossally cool communion is none other than electronic enigma, NeoByrd, who’s perched nicely on top of this blockbuster line-up.

    JIMMY + GAWDAT  (Monday 13th)

    jimmy(Photo: Back 2 Basics/Facebook)

    Cairo Jazz Club regulars may not be familiar with Jimmy, but with his debut scheduled this month, they’re in for a treat. Having emerged on the scene in the last six months or so, Jimmy has made a mark at several parties, festivals and venues across Egypt, all in very short span of time. The pony-tailed hunk and Back 2 Basics resident will be joined on his debut night by sibling duo, Gawdat.

    HEND EL RAWY (Tuesday 14th)

    hend-al-rawi(Photo: Orange Blossom/Facebook)

    As gorgeous as she is talented, the inimitable Hend El Rawy is set to return for her second gig at CJC in 2017. Where does one begin with Hend El Rawy? Heavily influenced by her Egyptian roots, El Rawy is the voice and face of quirky French band, Orange Blossom, who left their mark on Cairo with their first gig in Egypt just last October. El Rawy’s solo efforts combine the trademarks of Egyptian and Middle Eastern music, with the nitty-gritty of Western alternative rock. Think of it as a typical fir Christmas tree, but decorated with Oriental touches.


    (Photo: Cairo Gossip)

    The folk at CJC have never hidden their disdain for the mother of all non-occasions that is Valentine’s Day – and this year is no different. Away with the hearts, away with the chocolates and away with teddy bears; the bar set to be decked out in anti-Valentine’s Day decorations, though no one’s exactly sure what that means – maybe an image of Cupid turning his bow and arrow to his own face? We can only speculate, but one thing that is assured is a particularly upbeat night that will see the ‘Boogie Monster’, Ramy DJunkie, lead the charge.



    Love it, hate it, undertake a critical analysis of it as part of a study into grass roots music culture in Egypt – electro-shaabi music remains an unstoppable force that doesn’t look like it’ll be meeting an immovable object any time soon. On Saturday 18th, CJC welcomes three men that have been at the forefront of this most unlikely of musical movements, as Islam Chipsy, El Sweasy and Alaa Fifty all take to the stage. Expect to dance in ways you never knew you could.

    NADER TAHAWY + OMAR SHERIF (Friday 24th)

    (Photo: Cairo Gossip)

    Nader Tahawy is very quickly garnering a reputation for being a DJ’s DJ. He exists in some kind of fourth dimension, only appearing to the naked eye when on stage. He doesn’t self promote; he doesn’t do gimmicks. He does good music and has been doing so for quite some time at Cairo Jazz Club – so much so that he’s one of only a few DJs to be honoured at CJC with an anniversary bash, which happens to also coincide with his birthday celebration. Helping him blow out the candles on this most special of occasions is another CJC favourite, Omar Sherif.

    MOHASSEB & FRIENDS + ALY GOEDE (Monday 27th)

    (Photo: Cairo Gossip)

    Speaking of CJC favourites, it just wouldn’t be Cairo Jazz Club without a night with Mohasseb. Few DJs get people moving quite like the progressive house maestro and he’s set to bring along a few DJing friends for what looks like a huge night. Part of that hugeness should be owed to the often jolly, always excellent Aly Goede. Expect a nice melting pot of house styles.


    (Photo: Nadah El Shazly/VENT/Facebook)

    Haunting, broody, organic and unpredictable – Nadah El Shazly’s music is all of these things and much more. As one of the most prolific young female talents on Cairo’s music scene today, El Shazly’s genius go well beyond the realm of singing; as a composer, she has her fingerprints of film and visual art and one of the most recent notches on her belt is becoming resident composer at Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm. Amidst all that, she also co-founded duo, Shorba, with Egyptian artist, Mohamed Shafiq and has even produced music for the Nassibian Orchestra. This night as a whole is one not to miss, with PanSTARRS member, Karim El Ghazoly, is set to fly solo at CJC for the first time, following a well-received debut album in 2016 (Night Gerl), that showcased his experimental ambient chops.

     These are, of course, just a fraction of the events taking place at Cairo Jazz Club this month – stay tuned to Cairo Jazz Club on Facebook page and the Cairo Gossip events calendar for more.