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  • February at Cairo Jazz Club: Egyptian Project, DJ Feedo, Neobyrd, Procession Towards the Unknown & More!

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    For many, February is a month of romance, and warm hugs. However, Cairo Jazz Club begs to differ; with a change of scenery and music, your fickle body will feel fresh and hot, with an energy that will last you the whole month. Here is how the folks at CJC are planning to charge us with energy this time round!

    Egyptian Project (10th)


    Egyptian Project has been telling stories of culture and tradition. Through their impeccable infusions of oriental and electronic tunes, these guys have booked their spot as CJC regulars.  Thanks to Sayed Emam’s soothing vocals, listening to their tunes takes fans on a long journey, beyond the bounds of space and time. This month, the band will be taking to CJC’s stage with a very unique performance: we say unique because Jérôme Ettinger’s absence has given this band a chance to head down the acoustic path.

    Procession Towards the Unknown / SARAIA (13th)


    by Doha Khamis Zayn

    Staying true to their name, the experimental project ‘Procession Towards the Unknown’ leaves all of its performances up to the improvisation of its contributing artists. It is not just about music, but, quite literally, it is about creating all sorts of art forms, through the perception of finer details. After your perception has been altered and refined, you will get the chance to listen to some contemporary music by SARIA. SARIA fuses jazz, rock, and electronic music, creating a masterful harmony. This is a night that CJC dedicates to those who want to experience something different!

    Say Whaaat?! (anti) Valentine’s Edition ft. Feedo (14th)

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    For many, Valentine’s Day marks an unwelcome anniversary. Apparently CJC thinks this disdain should be elevated! This year, much like last year, CJC will be holding its annual anti-Valentine edition, with DJ Feedo on the decks. Looks like CJC is helping us forget about the money we spent on past lovers, and the energy we put in failed relationships, by turning up the party!

    Ritza / Neobyrd (15th)


    CJC always strives to entertain its goers, with all their different tastes; the 15th of February, is no exception! Ritza band will hit CJC’s stage. It has been a long time since we have seen the band on a stage, with their funky electropop and synthpop music. Award winning artist Wael Alaa (AKA Neobyrd), one of Egypt’s best electronic DJs, will then hit CJC’s decks.

    Dirty Backseat (debut) / PanSTARRS (20th)


    This will be a night dedicated to post-punk, lo-fi, alternative rock music at CJC. As famous punk singer Joey Ramone once said “All punk is attitude. That’s what makes it. The attitude!” And, boy, do Dirty Backseat  have attitude! Consisting of a couple and their best friend, Noha Amin is on the Vox/Guitar/Keys; Moe Hani (AKA Psycho) is on the Vox/Bass/Guitar/Keys; and Marwan Wahid is on the Drums/Backing vocals. The band is going to play their most recent and original song: “Hypnotize me.”

    PanSTARRS band are also part of the Tuesday night lineup at CJC. Before becoming a band, PanSTARRS consisted of solo artist Youssef Abouzeid: a lyricist, producer, and music editor who managed to release the album “Nothingness”. After Hazem Shamy (on drums) and bassists Nader and Ismail joined forces with Abouzeid, the second and third albums were released. This night will surely leave you under the spell of their amazing alternative rock music!