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  • Event Republic: Presents OLD-SCHOOL DISCO 3


    One of the parties that made Event Republic, as Event Republic is there OLD SCHOOL DISCO! Where you dress like little boys and girls in school uniforms… i have done once this party and i had so much fun that i don’t remember except waking up the next morning not with a hang over but  a smile  plastered on my face… its by far one of the most outrageous fun parties .. i mean look at the picture   if that doesn’t show how outrageous this party is going to be then i don’t know what would !

    so this year they are bringing back the OLD SCHOOL DISCO !! TAKE 3 !  details for the event you might ask

    15th of march
    dj’s Amr Hosny, Tito
    special surprise guest
    proceeds go to charity
    location: first mall
    free bouchon / open bar