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  • end of the world PARTIES


    so in my head the world is ending 15th of december when morsi becomes officially the dictator… DEKTATTTOORR but oh well not all share this believe…

    THE PARTY SCENE all over Cairo & Gouna are going to be celebrating end of the world according to the MAYAN calendar

    3 Parties are taking place in Cairo

    1- Amici Zamalek:

    the party would be called “We survived end of the word” it would take place on Friday 21st night details, and ENTERTAINMENT ARE  a suprise

    2- Cairo Jazz Club :

    well they are doing it with Mohasseb, which a great a choice in my opinion as his his music in its self is apocalyptic wit him being influenced by Tribal music

    3- Awesome:

    well awesome on the 20th .. is also when at midnight the date will shift to 21 … will be hosting a party with DJ sets by Friendly Fires and Foals along with national talen Tamer Auf & Klady



    now if you want to end your world in style and be BAD all night long ! well of course go to egypt’s own sin city

    Gouna with loca loca also celebrating the end of the world