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  • Sahel’s newest venue: el Villa

    el Villa

    el Villa

    In midst of all the news that we have been witnessing,

    In the midst of summer,

    comes el Villa  ! to assure summer is still on !!

    el Villa is the newest venue to hit el Sahel on the shores of Bianchi – Sidi Abdel Rahman !!!

    el Villa is powered by Pub 28 & Amici, Cairo oldest pub and Cairo’s only true cocktail bar !

    basically el villa is literally a front row villa in Bianchi converted to a venue that would serve you day and night all your desires, and rumor has it that Rawy Rizk will be bringing all his Amici flair bar tenders to it, some of which you have met last year. From food perspective, well imagine having the same food that you eat in Pub 28 in sahel !

    and guess when is the opening … well rumor has it that the opening is the weekend of the 28th-29th of June

    so free up yourself on that weekend! because this is an opening that you will not want to miss !

    p.s. you can try  join el Villa group on facebook  by joining this group https://www.facebook.com/groups/elVilla/