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  • Electrums’ The Student DJ Announcement Party Ft. Tube & Berger


    I am pretty much overtly excited about this party. I am so excited that i used the OVERTLY rather than OVERLY.

    You know why, because its predecessor Red Beats last year competition was pretty much the most exciting thing that happened in 2012, It was something that you would go to, and cant wait till the announcement of who won that round. You would be on your edge, as you enter your vote on those IPADs, you would go around ask your friends, who did you choose? Trying to guess who the winner would be of that round, Maybe even place a bet.  From it we got a lot of hot djs, who know are making us DANCE. DJs who are shaping the nightlife of cairo as we speak, Think Baher, Think Aroussi, Think Moneim.

    This year the Student DJ competition is taking place atop of the Fairmont Nile City Towers, at the skypool. Where the revealing of 30 contestants from the 150+ applicants would take place. To me this is more exciting than the Grammy’s,  Oscars’s, and BAFTA’s combined. I am just trying to imagine who are the next 30 contestants. Who will be next DJ to add to our night life their flavour. Who would it be?

    I personally have in my head a certain person, I am not sure if he applied or not, but if he did OH.EM.GEE. i am totally endorsing him.

    Now back to the Main event, So on Wednesday April 24th, Electrum is taking over the Sky Pool in the Fairmont Nile City Towers  for the big reveal of the 30, and to introduce them would be none other than “ Tube & Berger “, who would be introduced by last years RED BEATS Winner, BAHER!!!