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  • Electrum’s PEACE N CLUB


    Electrum is doings it own twist this valentines, They are going with the THEME PEACE N’ CLUB.

    Obviously, there is NO way i can describe the even than their  own eloquent description below , but i can sum it up to you Thursday, in Katameya hights you would be entertained by electrum records and their guest Sebastian Doering A.K.A Lovebirds famous for his hit “Want you in my soul’” oh and its an invite only event, so you wont find any contact information here ;)  p.s. when you get your invite you can origami out of it.

    Check out also a set of LOVEBIRD played in november in Dubai’s 360

    There’s Peace n’ Love and there’s Peace n’ Club, our clubbing night to you for your Valentines Day.

    Electrum would like to dedicate this night to peace and clubbing so in that spirit we’d like to fill the senses of all of Cairo’s party going crowd with a full experience of a typical and simple club night… have it any way you like on this day of love and debauchery but at 10-30PM we’re starting a one way trip to uncharted territories.

    Unending will be the best adjective to use to describe this night as fine tuned deep, soulful, boogie, and funky house will pour through the speakers to animate our bodies, with the control box lying firmly in the hands of non other than house music stalwart Sebastian Doering A.K.A Lovebirds.

    One last thing before we bore you with event details, it would fit the whole mood of the party and the concept if you took a minute of your time to make an origami Lovebird out of your pass once you get it. You’ll get in if you leave it as it is but you’d just spoil the vibe…(youtube instruction link here: https://www.facebook.com/electrumrecords?ref=hl)… It’s really easy and simple. THANK YOU