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  • Electrum to release PROJECT MOSAIC EP


    Electrum has been a busy busy busy bee lately. They have been working in the shadows on this new EP to be released next week on Beatport titled PROJECT MOSAIC, where they give you a mosaic of different electronic genres!

    and if you are stupid like me and dont know what an EP is don’t worry I wikipediad it

    An extended play (EP) is a musical recording that contains more music than a single, but is too short to qualify as a full studio album or LP. The term EP originally referred to specific types of vinyl records other than 78 rpm standard play (SP) records and LP records, but it is now applied to mid-length Compact Discs and music downloads as well.

    I for one cant wait to hear this, but to understand more, i think i can not describe it in better words than of Electrum themselves