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  • Electrum Records Presents: Winter Wonderland


    Four years in a row, electrum records have been bringing you exquisitely traditional yet elusively funky Christmas parties.

    This year is nothing different.

    Welcome to the world of Winter Wonderland.

    The space that we are used as the Katameyia Club house shall be literally transformed into a magical white space. Bringing you a true WHITE CHRISTMAS to Egypt, breaking the traditional norm of green xmas’es we have. Imagine a place where there will be actual snow falling, imagine a place where everything shall be sexy yet pure with its whiteness.

    There shall be a choir singing traditional Christmas carols, there shall be Glühwein (Mulled wine) and Eggnog. Think a Christmas where cold meets warm.

    And just when you are all relaxed in your traditional Christmas FAHMY&SAMBA will take the decks to heat things up, didn’t I say COLD MEETS HOT!

    The Electrum Record’s Winter Wonderland shall take place on 22nd of December in Katameya Club House, and as will all electrum events, this guest list would be one hell of a tough guest list to get on.

    Spoiler alerts: expect snow machines, and expect a special dessert that would water leave your mouth watering



    Laila says:

    Very nice theme…. I am looking forward.