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  • Electrum Presents the E party! in Gouna


    So what what happens when you bring, Club 88 Gouna, Electrum and Matinee all at once.

    You get the E Party on the Friday the 26th of October !

    So what is E party ! i know what you all thinking  ! but no this is what E is as described by electrum

    E is for
    Exciting, Edgy, Egotistical, 
    Energetic, Entertaining, Euphoric,
    Ecstatic, Exotic, Empathetic, Excellent
    Exclusive, Extraordinary,
    E is for Everyone.
    E is for Eid. 
    E is Electurm.  ”

    and Guess who is the DJ coming, well other than our renowned Fahmy & Samba ! and matinee’s own …  Andre Vicenzzo’s  and what better way to know the DJ other than listen to a few mixcloud of his