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  • Tamarai’s Electric Disco


    Well Tamarai is doing it AGAIN.

    a new theme night, to take place every tuesday in their newly opened TERRACE! featuring Misty & Hafez, the night is called ELECTRIC DISCO! got to love it!!

    I really could not put in better words than they did, so here is a description of the event

    Following from our hit nights Nostalgia and Classico,
    Misty and Hafez bring us The Electric Disco. Moving away from Commercial music, Tamarai redefines itself with a night infused with underground synth pop deep house and retro rolling tech house with the signature Misty and Hafez uplifting disco sound!!

    Egypt favorites Misty and Hafez teamed up 3 years ago and have definitely left their mark in the music scene. Being the youngest and most profound with their tracks being played out by music legends such as FatBoy Slim.
    Their sets carry consistent energy and their signature grooves which distinguish them from any other sound out there. Their quiet persona and original niche sound make them stand out from any other DJs when behind the decks and the energy of their music is talked about long after the party is over.