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  • Electric Disco W/ Aly B & Aly G & Misty & Hafez!

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    Brace yourself for this one as this would be big!

    This will be the first time ever for Aly B & Aly Goede to play in Tamarai! so big news here!

    This will be a night where you have four fine artist who would know what jolt of electricity to pass through you!

    You want to know how detailed they are. Well one day night I was at event that had the 2 Aly’s in it, I found Aly Goede walking around with a decibel meter measuring the sound DB to make sure that it was loud enough to dance, but not loud enough to mess your hear.  People this is attention to detail!

    That attention to detail will make the coming electric disco in Tamarai.. HOT

    so mark MAY 14TH for that is the day that electrifying you will be taken to a new decibel!