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  • Electric Disco Ft. Tapesh W/ Misty & Hafez


    I am genuinely excited about this new night Tamarai is doing called Electric Disco. Not only would the launch night include local super heros DJ Misty & Hafez,

    but they are bringing in TAPESH! … before we get into who is Tapesh, well just listen to this HOT SET BY HIM…

    Onet hing you should know about TAPESH, he is not only a DJ, but he is also a music creator and check out these two songs produced by him for Noir Music & Get Physical

    Get Physical Release

    Noir Music

    May it be Ibiza, London or Dubai: there are few Djs with a more international touch than “finally famous” Tapesh, and even fewer whose style you could identify as really unique.
    At a time when most people couldn’t spell the word DJing, young teenage Tapesh dived into the growing US and UK Breakdance, Funk & Acid House scene and uncovered an enormous musical talent that soon got acknowledged by real stars like Loco Dice, Richie Hawtin or Marco Carola. His multi-cultural roots, as well as his experience and feeling for mixing the popular with the uncommon give Tapesh’ sets that flamboyant magic-potion touch you will only find one in a million. This special “Tapesh-feeling” is also recognisable in his own productions, which are released by top labels like Snatch!, Rebirth, Monique Musique, Defected or Noirmusic and by now get regularly played in Pete Tong’s world famous BBC radio show. But that’s not all: For those who live on the rest of the planet, Tapesh already started a huge world tour, which means even more locations, more fans, and certainly – more fame.