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  • Electric Disco Ft. Misty & Hafez + Baher


    Once upon a time, Cairo used to go out on tuesdays. It used to be the night that everyone would be on their toes dancing. Then the cold long winter came, and everyone hid indoors, under their blankets, with their headphones on and dancing in their beds. They were itching for a party to go to, but they were afraid of frost bite.

    But then spring came along, and with it came DISCO, a time to get your funk on, a time of happy music.

    But Cairo has evolved, so has DISCO. This is where you say hello to ELECTRIC DISCO. Tamarai’s newest night with Misty & Hafez, where these two talented electrified hot duo host different DJs with them every tuesday.  Opening night they had with them Tapesh, what a night it was ( check pictures here password = tamarai ).

    For their second instalment, they are bringing in. Baher!  A lot of you might not know this, but Baher has gone international, with his latest single come on that has been signed on Audio Tonics. So Baher is not just any other local DJ. No baher is the king! he has a unique tech style, if you listen to him he is more Tech than deep, so to hear how would he spin in Electric Disco should be something interesting.

    But to truly understand Electric Disco listen to this mini pod cast prepared by Misty & Hafez as a sampler from the launch night.