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  • Electric Banana (Monkey Business !!)

    its the Electric Banana

    its the Electric Banana

    Ok just to be clear, i have always LOVED LOVED LOVED ritmo, back in the day it was the place to be! before there was tamarai, before there was 35, When High Heels existed, so anytime i hear about the Ritmo Resurrection i get a jingle in my belly

    and starting from this Tuesday, a new kind of thing is going its called the Electric Banana !  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Electric-Banana/273727039389236

    the people behind the guest list are people behind Cairo’s most infamous and great party guest lists, but there is no need to mention names,  but its enough to be said that  they ” are all about fresh music and good times being the monkeys we are!”

    so the first event will take place June5th on a tuesday, with Toyboys, check out the flyer below

    let your inner monkey out to play


    and below is the party description as per the organizers

    “Feeling a little crazy? Come to the launch of Electric Banana, Rithmo’s new weekly club night for a new party experience! Get ready for plenty of monkey business as the ToyBoys kick off the shenanigans at the launch of the new night, sure to make Rithmo one of your regular party places.

    Every week we’ll have a different DJ, so expect the unexpected!”