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  • el Villa الجزء الثاني Schedule


    After the major success of First Week of el Villa, with it bringing non stop local & International entertainments It starts off the first week WITH A BANG !

    And as always… el villa announces its schedule with the update of its facebook cover photo… a unique villa moment, when that facebook cover photo changes !!

    The Bangs are Nicole Saba, Roger Sanchez, ToyBoys, Lyon, Awadi Brothers, Hisham Zahran, Mayounah & Amina Khalil !!!  and as per their late night annoucement here is what they had to say about their schedule as they dubbed الجزء الثاني

     El Villa is back with الجزء الثاني and building on the success of Summer Part 1, the second part shall be even MORE MIND BLOWING! For the First three days of EID, each night will be accompanied by LIVE acts. Think Live Violinist! Live Electric Guitarist! The schedule for the first week of الجزء الثاني of the summer is: 
    - Sunday: Toyboys & Hisham Zahran, proving to have closed summer part 1 with a bang, they are back to start it with bang 
    - Monday: DJ Lyon is also back this time with NICOLE SABA, who needs no introduction as she will be entertaining the crowd with her LIVE performance.
    - Tuesday: THE AWADI BROTHERS are back! They played in summer part 1, and as per the requests of all, they are back on the third day of EID to give you that kick you have been waiting for
    - Thursday: ByGanz presents its MASSIVE PRODUCTION featuring none other than the S- Man himself Roger Sanchez!!! The night won’t be complete without Cairo’s favorite dynamic duo TOYBOYS
    - Friday: THE PINK PARTY !!! Mayounah & Amina Khalil will be releasing their new seductive song ON THE DANCE FLOOR, in a night dubbed as the pink night, a NIGHT DEDICATED TO THE LADIES! Come wearing PINK and get a surprise! That’s not all, expect Amina Khalil to perform a number of other songs with Mayounah! Get pink! Get Glamorous