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    El Villa is being renovated … Yes it is.

    Think More space. Think More Leveling, Thinking More landscaping. 

    As you know in the last weekend of the villa operation in the Summer Part 1, el Villa has increased its actual physical space by 200 Meters Squared.

    So summer Part 2 rumor has it stuff is being renovated.

    But not only that, as you know when byGanz will do his two events in the byGanz weekend in el Villa, think MASSIVE STAGE PRODUCTION. … Did we say massive.

    considering el Villa has hosted 15+ Local talents, and international talents, rumor has that EL VILLA has started work on its entertainment schedule for SUMMER PART 2 and started contact another set of Local DJs, and also international talent with a different flavor. !


    oh and by the way … did you see this picture el villa put on its group for all the Disc Jockies that played there