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  • el Villa Closing Schedule | Lyon | Baher | Toyboys | Dina | Adaweya !


    el villa is closing this weekend, actually most of sahel is because well lets face it the weekend of the 7th is the re-start of Gouna Season.

    NOW without further introduction ! here is the schedule !

    • Thursday:
      • Lyon: Coming back after popular demand, and his ability to please all the crowd
      • Baher: new sound to el villa, but not new to us ! loved by all, and would add that certain spice on a Thursday night that will make you go wild.
    • Friday:
      • Dina:  do i really i need to say something, she is the ONE AND ONLY DINA !
      • Adaweya: with the most infamous classic songs like Bent El Soltan, he for sure would make el villa GROOVE !
      • TOYBOYS:  in summer part 1 and part 2 they have became the duo most requested DJs ! and well they will close el villa with THE TOYBOY style !! as they say they will teach you how TO MOVE !