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  • El Teatro: Beyond Entertainment’s AUC After-Grad Party


    Almost exactly a month from now, the latest batch of starry-eyed AUC youngsters will be given one last hurrah before embarking on that awful thing called adulthood, with a huge blowout of a party courtesy of Tamer Banna’s Beyond Entertainment.

    In typical Beyoned Entertainment style, it’s sounding like a colourful and extravagant beast of a party. With promises of  “ambient acrobats, hypnotizing music, seductive dancers and…live performances engulfed in fame, flames, and feathers, El Teatro is set to take place on Saturday 14th of June aboard the Nile Pharaoh boat on the Giza Corniche.

    Peyton ordering a drink at Beyond Entertainment’s Playhouse party in Gouna.

    The Godfather, Amr Hosny, will be weaving his magic, British house singer, Peyton – who has been a regular with Beyond Entertainment in recent months – will perform and, most importantly of all, it’s open bar!

    For reservations, click here (private Facebook event).