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  • Eight Things We’ll Miss About Alchemy


    Any enthusiasm I had for the coming summer months was drained of my limp, defeated body last week when news broke that Dokki nightspot, Alchemy, was to close its doors by the end of the month. Naturally, the Cairo Gossip team went through the five stages of grief in typically over-the-top fashion, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Alchemy and its departure from the unpredictable world of Cairo nightlife has left a hole – a hole that will take something really special to fill it.

    Don’t laugh, I’m having a moment.

    As one of the most unique bars Egypt’s capital has ever seen, Alchemy offered me a place of refuge from the cruel world and so much more. We really will miss it, for these – and many other – reasons.

    The Food

    From its lavish Of Earth & Fire steak nights, to simple menu items like the summer liver salad – a personal favourite – Alchemy was one of a handful of bars that delivered in the kitchen.

    Never Feeling Alone

    Alchemy will probably be remembered most for its unique interior – so many familiar faces, so many emotions, so many friends.


    Cocktail Nights

    Scarlet’s Vintage Brew, A Tequila Tale of Gold & Silver, Molten Amber, Shiver – amazing Thursday nights, terrible Friday mornings.

    Happy Hour Every Day

    Because, Happy Hour every day.


    One of the bar’s first event series, Euphoria, saw some of Cairo’s biggest DJs descend on Amman Square for some midweek shenanigans, including Mohasseb, Minus T and more.


    I’m of the opinion that putting art in such proximity to alcohol-drinking is a potential recipe for disaster, but Alchemy’s monthly exhibitions added a classy touch to proceedings and the whole thing made for a unique platform.

    Al Chemist

    Al Chemist
    and Kalam El Qahaira were like two peas in a fictional Facebook pod – two imaginary best friends born in the mind of a weird kid.

    It was a five minute cab ride away from our office.


    By Haisam ‘Sad’ Awad