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  • EID in Gouna !


    so what is going down in Gouna in EID ! well here is your summarized post of events ! as updates would come, this post would be updated

    each of the events below are clickable to open to you a new window of the event details in previous posts

    Day, Events,  Club 88 Day/ morning parties, Loca Loca,

    Thursday 25th, – ,-, Art of house DJ Muss & UCF + DJ malak from little buddha,

    Friday 26th,   Electrum  - The E Party  ANDRE VICENZZO & Fahmy & Samba +Omar Sherif, baher eid,  DJ Shiha + Turkey No.1 DJ Serdar Ayyildiz,

    Saturday 27th, Nacelle Sandbox in moods , omar sherif,  We Own the night W/ Dr. K  & Nii Ft. Hala,

    Sunday 28th,  Funking you:  Ashibah + Phill + Misty&hafex in moods, Arossi & Moniem +fahmy&samba, My house is your house W/ Dj Muss & UCF,

     And this is the video of LocaLoca events