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  • Eid Abroad: Eid Festival to Take Place in Trafalgar Square, London

    Boriss Johnson muslim

    In what cynics might call an effort to curb anti-Muslim sentiment spreading across the UK following a soldier’s violent murder at the hands of extremists earlier this summer, Boris Johnson – Mayor of London and all-round loveable buffoon – has given the green light for the return of the annual Eid Festival in Trafalgar Square. Various Muslim groups will collaborate in organising the festival to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

    “Muslims in London and across the world are fasting for the blessed month of Ramadan and spending time in prayer and contemplation. When it ends, comes a time of happiness and celebration, as well as forgiveness and unity” said big, bad Boris.

    He went on to urge Londoners from all walks of life to join the festivities in Trafalgar Square. It’s things like these that warm our hearts at CG.