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  • egypt gets privilege !

    Privilege Sharm

    Privilege Sharm



    This saturday PRIVILAGE, one of the biggest clubs in  ibiza opens in charm NABQ! So sharm is not only home to SPACE & PACHA … now the latest addition and biggest addition from ibiza has came !!! and thats not only it … it opened in NABQ … and as you know NABQ is like the gouna area of sharm ! and with bus stop there as like the chill drinking bar and PRIVILAGE being the SUPER exclusive club in sharm what more can one ask for !

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    so what is happening in the opening of this event … well

    * Shawnee Taylor :

    Shawnee Taylor was born with music in her veins. A product of parents who each had their own successful music careers, Shawnee was surrounded by music from birth, and raised in a household that always had different genres of music playing within it Looking back, Shawnee realizes that she soaked up all of her early influences without even knowing it, and while she always knew that she loved music, and has always loved singing, she also knew that she needed to find her own path in music so that it felt authentic and not like she was merely mirroring her parents.

    Facebook : www.facebook.com/pages/Shawnee-Taylor/115839388440036
    TWITTER: twitter.com/ShawneeTaylor

    *ORIOL CALVO ( Privilege Ibiza World Tour Resident DJ )

    Currently working for Ibiza Privilege like a resident dj, has a weekly radio show on Ibiza Global Radio, he has been resident of space from 2006 to 2009, also many years at the Jockey club salinas and Ayoun. He is a monthly collaborator of DJ magazine, and has worked 9 years at Delta Discos Ibiza, the most important electronic music store on the island, 8 Deejaymags Awards nominations in recent years. His tracks have been remixed by artists like Tuccillo, deep josh or tetsuya ura. He defend quality music for all audiences, from deep to tech house through fresh and energetic. He has traveled to the 5 continents. In recent months in addition to Spain, he has played in Brazil, Dubai, Uruguay, Russia, Austria, Bahrain, etc… not bad right?



    This saturday opening is a exclusive invite only opening and already some of cairo glitari are flying out that day just to attend the opening  !