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  • Easter Music Feast at Cairo Jazz Club: Misty, Code Masr, Aguizi & Fahim and More!


    So, you’re standing in front of the mirror, making sure your favourite bikini still fits or checking out the beginning of your 2017 beach-bod. “Where shall I go for Easter?” you ask yourself. Gouna? Sokhna? How about Dahab? Maybe you’ll do something a little bit different and go to Alexandria.

    But then, BAM! You realise you’re not getting your commission from work in time. BAM! Your mama drops a bombshell by insisting that you go visit your Auntie Sawsan during Easter because she’s been ill. BAM! [Insert other earth-shattering revelations here].

    Calm down – the summer is still young and there will be plenty of opportunities to kid yourself about that bikini still fitting. As has been the case for the last – well, for as long as we remember – Cairo Jazz Club is swooping in, saving the day and picking up the shattered pieces of the long weekend getaway that could have been.

    funk-offFunk OFF are back at The Jazz on Thursday 13th

    Yes, the Home of Live Music has dipped into its Rolodex of talent and put in the call for a special Easter Music Feast that will see three nights of the city’s finest musical talent taking to the stage. Things begin on Thursday 13th with a double-whammy of live music that includes the always funky Funk OFF, as well as Bluezophrenia – a band whose return to CJC has been long overdue.

    On Friday 14th, things take a turn for the electronic with two guys we don’t get to see share a stage all too often anymore, Misty & Hafez. Things then switch back to live music Saturday 15th, with folksy Alexandrian outfit, Sorour, opening a night that will be headlined by one of the country’s most underrated bands, fusion rockers Code Masr.

    aguizi-fahim-587x315Aguizi & Fahim are in the spotlight on Monday 17th

    Speaking of DJ duos – that was two paragraphs back, btw – the closing night on Monday 17th sees one of the local scene’s hottest twosomes and former Student DJ winners, Aguizi & Fahim, perform.

    And so in the end, maybe the Auntie Sawsan trip is a blessing in disguise. You have three nights of musical madness awaiting at CJC. And there’s the whole bikini thing, too.

    Check out the Cairo Jazz Club Facebook page for more.

    By Kalam El Qahaira