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  • Easter Break Guide: Andromida, Mahmoud El Leithy, Alpine Deweller, Namito & More


    We will all be celebrating the Easter holiday, and Cairo’s hottest clubs are making the best out of those five days. So, if you are staying in town, we’ve got you covered.

    Starting off with Thursday, Pink Floyd fans will definitely enjoy a night brought to them by Cairo Jazz Club featuring Andromida, while our local DJunkie is taking control over The Tap West. Let’s not forget about Bus Stop, who are back on the list with their Strictly House party, as DJ Kidmims takes over the decks.

    On the other hand, Nineteen Twenty Five’s Reverb Party continues with DJ Lyon Avakian’s hot tunes; as well as The Garden Nile Front‘s Nile Vibes party with DJs Goblin, Magdy Shahin and Double Trouble.

    Also, DJs Special K, N. Tahawy and Omar Sherif are hitting Cairo Jazz Club 610 with their irresistible house beats; and The Tap East are bringing the chill tunes of Screwdriver and Armen V.

    Last but not least, Zigzag are cooking up a night to remember where Berlin’s DJ, Namito is coming to Egypt for the first time. Afterwards, DJs Ouzo &Sebzz and Ashmawy will be on the decks with a B2B set.


    On Friday, the magic will elevate to new heights. Dubai-based DJ Kaboo will be serving a bit of everything, from Hip Hop, R&B and Old School to House beats at Cairo Jazz Club 610. Elsewhere, The Tap East are bringing an Elektro Night, courtesy of Tamer Auf and Shorafa; and The Garden Nile Front will be celebrating Easter a bit early with the R&B tunes of DJs Hani Bakar and Young Amr. Also, FelBadrom Fridays are still happening at Basement – Urban Pub, just in case you decided to go wild.

    Parties until dawn are Zigzag’s most liked trait; and this Friday, they are bringing DJ Zeina for the All Night Long party. But, if you don’t care about staying too late and you’re just into deep tech house beats, then head to Cairo Jazz Club where DJ Arrab is taking over.

    As Easter approaches, you have a couple of options to start and end Saturday with. First off, you can either start early with a brunch at Cairo Jazz Club 610 with Woodpeckers and Danny Malak; or end the day by heading to Cairo Jazz Club to enjoy Salalem’s performance. Lastly, you have Basement –Urban Pub’s famous Karaoke Saturday, if you feel like shower-singing in front of everyone.


    It’s not ending just yet, in fact, this is the beginning! On Sunday,Gu Bar will be hosting an Easter Party, where their resident belly dancers are going to shake it over the tunes of DJ Nenio. Bogali are also celebrating Easter with DJs Mo Ayad, Wesoo, and some tabla beats by Khaled El Sayes. In addition, Bogali have a “surprise” belly dancer in store for us, and we’re just dying to know who she is. Another celebration is happening on the 36th floor at OPIA, where their resident DJ will be on the decks, along with drummer Mostafa Taha, and saxophonist Nour Ashour. Hailing all the way from Austria; Alpine Deweller can be found at Cairo Jazz Club to serve us their greatest tunes. Somewhere else, The Nile Garden Front are going sha3by with star Ahmed Sheiba, while Danilla dances along to his set; DJ Sheeko and a percussionist will be there too for some popping beats. 24k will be going oriental too with sha3by singer, Mahmoud El Leithy, and the amazing belly dancer Kristina.


    As Monday comes and the holiday ends, we suggest you end it well. Gu Bar are hosting a Spring Party, where DJ Irma will be shuffling through her hottest sets, as the belly dancers groove to the hot beats. On the other side of town, Cocoon will be performing some Latin Jazz at Cairo Jazz Club 610; while at Cairo Jazz Club, DJ Ouzo will be satisfying your dancing needs.

    Abstrakt will be bringing Tunisian musical magician, Hazem –M and De Groove, B2B with DJs Zio, Jimmy and Fady Nassrat to Zigzag. And, your favourite 24k, are preparing their Easter edition of the Tech it Up party with DJs Hossam Jamaica, Irma, Dozzee, and Sa3dany on duty.

    Bonus: 3Al Ganoob camping music festival is back. The festival will run for four days (6th to the 9th) with lots of music, entertainment and activities in Sinai at Diva Club.

    These are only a few of the events taking place this weekend across the capital – check out the Cairo Gossip calendar for more.