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  • Discreet Gossip!


    with the upcoming Discreet 2013 party which is taking place in tamarai as the annual tradition goes more gossip has came out !

    So flying in from beirut would be DJ Bob  Howard with his infamous songs

    This is not Beirut

    and check out his live performances in Beirut !

    but wait BOB howard is not the gossip angle ! there is more to the Tamarai Discreet 2013,

    so as you know Tamarai also would be converting itself into a Chinese empire, which means Chinese food with open champagne bars indoors before getting transported to the outdoors area for the shows and yearly traditional ORIENTAL dances … all that for what ? 500 l.e. only !!

    BUT wait there is more, if you want to stay the night over ( I MEAN COME ON YOU KNOW YOU WANT TOO !! ) They have special rates
    Special Room Rates (Fairmont Nile City):

    Fairmont Room: 850 EGP
    Deluxe Room:910 EGP
    Deluxe Nile Room:970 EGP

    Gold Room:1090 EGP
    Gold Nile Room:1150 EGP

    Gold Signature with Balcony:1265 EGP
    Nile Suite:1740 EGP
    Deluxe Nile Suite:4200 EGP