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  • Delirium: Venue Lounge & Bar to Host Party Featuring DJ Moneim


    After a big opening way back when before Ramadan, Zamalek’s Venue Lounge & Bar seems to have lost some steam – in fact, it’s been so inconspicuous that it’s a surprise that it’s still open.

    But with reported recent change of ownership, things have started to pick up again at what us old folk will remember as Purple on the Imperial Boat. This Thursday (October 16th), the bar hosts Delirium, whose organisers, like many, are tired of hearing the same repetitive music and seeing the same annoying faces across Cairo's cliquey nightlife scene.

    What it is that will make Delirium different is unclear, but they have recruited the handsome, bearded, chain-wearing DJ, Moneim, to provide the music, with a DJ by the name of  A-Squared opening. Plus, the poster's pretty cool - so there's that.

    For reservations, call 01002006207 or 01092141610.