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  • Dazed: Nineteen84 Announces First Party of 2015


    With summer drawing nearer and nearer, Nineteen84 Management have wasted no time in dipping its toe back into the cold waters of Egyptian nightlife. Well, maybe dipping a toe is a little unfair, because Sherry El Kilany, Sabrina Khalil and co rarely do anything by half when it comes to a party – especially when its in Gouna.

    With the worst of the cold weather behind us, the dude sand dudettes at Nineteen84 have announced their first event of 2015 and it’s set to take place on Friday 10th of April at the Arena Inn‘s Palladium.

    Nineteen84 have never hidden their love for hip-hop and DJ Moneim will lead the charge at Dazed on a night that will see Greece come to Egypt in the form of what is described as the sexiest r&b party in Athens, Sex Me Up. We've seen the nightlife worlds of Egypt and Greece come into holy union more and more over the last year and though its still unclear what this particular union has in store, Nineteen84 rarely disappoint and will look to pick up where they left off at what was a busy last summer.

    2014 saw them pull off Gouna's biggest parties, including a particularly impressive booking in the form of British rapper, Tinie Tempah, at April event, #Beachfest.
    For reservations, call 010 259 03 455. Or, if you prefer the cold light of a computer screen over human interactions, click here for online reservations.