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  • DANCE Bit*hes!

    Dance Relief

    okay whats the different between Bitches and Bit*ches… well the one with * is the same as previous one its just more glittery!

    now there is a new event being organized and its being organized by a new event company called Mind Blowing Entertainment, and well their philosophy when it comes to parties is to throw something different, and different thing about their first party, is well you got to dance, no standing around and looking all pompous, no you have to shake your tail feather!! shake what your mama gave you !! SHAKE IT SHAKE IT!!   and naturally that did catch the mind of Fishie here ..

    There are three things interesting about this event that i like

    1.  i think this the first time i would say that i see  back2back ToyBoys (Diya No’man&Youssef Sami) and Misty&Hafez

    2.  Entertainment, eventhough they are giving a surprise secret act, but i heard about them and i love the act coming up

    3. Venue, it will be a venu based on the trident inflate, which basically means it will be uber hot,

    Dance Relief

    The Dance Relief Venue

    Now rumor has it the tickets will start going live tonight, and you can contact one of the MBE ambassadors to get it..

    Twitter: @MindBlowingEG
    Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MBEgypt
    Facebook profile: www.facebook.com/MBxtra

    Below is the event description the secret facebook event:

    Are you ready to get BLOWN ?Because at Mind Blowing Entertainment (MBE), that’s our philosophy, to blow up your brain cells with excitement beyond your imaginationMBE is kicking off spring break, with giving you all the much needed Relief … THE DANCE RELIEF !Featuring 2 Dynamic Duo Djs for the first time back2back ToyBoys (Diya Nouman & Youssef Sami) + Misty&HafezIf that is not enough, there will be mind blowing surprise acts and entertainmentLocation: Arabella Country Club
    Tickets: 275LE per person
    Lounges: 1500LE per lounge (for groups of 15+ )Tickets and lounges are EXTREMELY limited. 

    This party is BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze), as Alcohol will NOT be served, but you can bring your own bottles. Corkage is free and unlimited mixers will be available.