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  • Customs Authority Dismisses Alcohol Import Tariff Rumours


    Last week, Egypt raised import tariffs on 364 luxury goods – the second tax hike of its kind this year – in a prolonged effort to support local industry.

    This week, however, head of the Egyptian Customs Authority, Magdy Abdel Aziz, has announced that alcohol will be exempt from the tax hike.

    Talking to vetogate.com, Abdel Aziz was quick to deny rumours that suggested alcoholic goods would indeed receive its first tariff raise for the first time in twenty years.

    The increase on goods such as foods, fruits, beauty products and even stationery came into effect on Thursday December 1st by presidential decree, after many of the same goods were subject to a 30% plus increase in January.

    Cheers to that.

    By Kalam El Qahaira