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  • Croatia Squad Announces Mystery Gig in Cairo


    International (one-man) DJ, Croatia Squad, has shared some juicy and cryptic news on his official Facebook page about a Cairo gig next month, leaving Cairo Gossip’s collective Spidey sense tingling as we spam him with messages for more information.

    The only details that the Swiss-based DJ and producer has disclosed is that it will take place at Fairmont Nile City on Wednesday 11th of March – could it be another Back 2 Basics event at the Fairmont? Possibly.  Or maybe it’s actually gig at that place what used to be called Tamarai? Let’s hope not.

    But why should we be excited? Well, Mr. Squad ticks all the boxes of the modern DJ that Cairo’s clubbing contingent has come to adore and idolise. Quirky name? Check. Cool designer beard? Check. Dangerous, break-your-heart glare simmering underneath some trendy sunglasses? Check.

    The weapons of choice for the man who bought the world songs such as ‘Pop Your P*ssy’ and ‘Drop that Skirt’ is deep house, nu-disco and indie dance and you’ll regularly notice his tracks on the Beatport top ten.

    Stay tuned for more information – unless he blocks us on Facebook.