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  • Club Ovahi Egypt


    There is a new club in town, and it is not one that yo go dance in. However this is one that would make you dance, because of the saving you would reaping off of it.

    Club Ovahi is a canadian company that recently opened in Egypt, where it gives us the benefits, having multiple loyalty cards on our phones. It is actually pretty simple to use, you go to the App World on your iPhone, or Play Store on andriod, and just search for CLUB OVAHI EGYPT, make sure you type in Egypt. Then you get to enjoy a lot of rewards, let it be from Good Cals, Boulevard, Body Shapers GYM, Euro Deli, 3am Wa7ashi, or more. It is just loaded with rewards.

    Things in Egypt are becoming over priced, so its time that we enjoy somethings for free, as they say best things in life comes for free.

    One of the thing, though that we love is the location based feature, where it tells what stores are next to you that you can reap rewards from!

    Check out their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ClubOvahiEgypt/

    20130425-024442 PM.jpg

    1. Download the app called Club Ovahi Egypt (make sure it’s Egypt!) from the app store
    2. Go through the step by step set up procedure (dummy proof, we promise!)
    3. Club Ovahi will provide you with a list that has the nearest retailers to your location, and all of their offers
    4. Purchase something from one or more retailer
    5. Take a picture of the bar code provided by the cashier at the location of the retailer
    6. Keep snapp’in that bar code until you’re officially a VIP that receives freebies!
    7. Walk down the street feelin’ like a star that gets VIP treatment ;)

    If you’re a visual person we have a video that explains the process for you (dummy proof too)…