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  • Club M – The full details


    Thursday Nights: Monhara:

    Think, a night by DJ Ghandokli, a sahel star, with the ability of truly delivering the music that Sahel is about, a mix of up to date commercial english & arabic tunes. This night will feature a modern day arabic singer as well as belly dancer (sometimes).  Think of it as a modern day cabaret night in egypt, think of this like POUCY AND MOHAMED ALI STREET style, with your favorite up to date english beats!!!

    Friday Night: Tea Dance:

    Think the Teadance that you all love and adore, but at night, hence SOIREE !! think Chic Tech/House!  with international talent by the sea with local superheros

    Saturday night: Disco bel 3araby

    Think music from the 80′s & 90′s of both english & arabic tunes. Think disco, and who else than the king of disco the king of boogie to spin this! Yes i am talking about DJ Ramy, how is this different from monhara you might ask, well this is dedicated to a time of the 80s & 90s the the time of Hamdy Batchan  music

    so when will all this go down!!

    June 20th Opening with Monhara and featured act BOSY!!!

    June 22nd Disco Bel 3araby – Adel el Khodary

    June 27th Monhara – TBA

    June 28th  Teadance – TBA

    Think of this as a TEASER, as a sampler of what to come to you before eid … CLUB M is giving you the unique chance to sample their menu of hot hot hot sahel nights

    The only way you’ll be able to access Club M this summer is by getting your membership cards, even if you’re a TeaDance member. Last day to register is June 17th. Log onto http://byganz.com/?page_id=2782 and let’s make this a summer to remember!