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  • Classico of the Titans (Fahmy&Samba and Amr Hosny)

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    DJs are lucky. I should have been a DJ, when its their birthday THEY HAVE A WHOLE NIGHT ORGANIZED in their honor !

    Well guess whose birthday is it ? The one and ONLY Amr Hosny ! and it will be celebrate in Classico with Fahmy & Samba

    It really should be called the Classico of the Titans since these are the DJays that have been spinning before we were in kindergarden! these are the Titans

    on a complete seperate note, consider its hosny bday. and consider he loves … LOVES vintage cars, especially if its a Porsche classic.

    If you want to get him a present for his birthday, GET HIM A VINTAGE Porsche,

    i mean really its not like its as if its hard to find or expensive ;)  ( a bit of sarcasm here )