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  • Cirque Du Freak: Cairo Jazz Club’s Halloween Bash


    Boo! Did I scare you? No? Alright, let’s move on. Now that Eid is over and done with, the attention of Cairo’s bars and clubs is firmly fixed on the next excuse to go out and paint the town red. And while everyone picks sand out from between there toes in preparation of the big, fat reality check that is Cairo, there are already plans brewing for Halloween.

    The folk at Cairo Jazz Club don’t need much convincing when it comes to dressing up and I’m sure they’ll be in typically fine form for Cirque Du Freak on Friday 31st of October, where Pacha Sharm resident, DJ Ouzo, and up-and-coming DJ, NTahawy, are in charge of the music.

    CJC take Halloween very seriously, though, and so naturally, costumes are mandatory and ‘normal humans’ are not allowed. I don’t think the latter will be a problem – ‘normal’ in Cairo? No.

    Those who have attended previous CJC Halloween parties will have witnessed the zombie-like hoards trying to get through the doors, so reservations are super-duper-mandatory. Call 010-6880-4764.