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  • CGuides: Your Ultimate Beach Clubs & Bars Guide In Sahel


    We’ve all been waiting for summer: the beach, the sun, and everything fun! But, mostly we’ve been waiting for all the beach clubs. Some have been your favourite for a while, and some are new, but still crazy as hell! Here’s a list of the best beach clubs you should head to ― day or night ― this weekend, every weekend, and every day of the week.

     1) Danos Beach Bar

    Danos is owned by Tabla’s owner, and it has been the talk of the town! Everyone loves it in the morning, just as much as they love it at night! It’s fun. The venue is full of music, dancing, and of course some much-needed cocktails.

     2) Martin’s Beach Club


    This is everyone’s favourite spot for sure, nobody can deny it! Martin’s is back everyone but this time in Ghazala Bay. It’s basically better than ever, thanks to the beauty of Ghazala’s beach and sea. You’ll definitely enjoy your day there!

     3) Pearl Beach Bar


    Since Martin’s is no longer in Bo Islands, they couldn’t just disappoint you and leave you without a beach club or bar, so they’ve brought you Pearl Beach Bar! It’s all white, relaxing, and fun.

    4) Tijuana Beach & Lounge


    Tijuana has been in Stella for quite a while now. They’ve got shisha, food, and drinks. The also boast a freaking big beach that you’ll never want to leave.

     5) Kiki’s Beach

    Of course, Hacienda White isn’t saying goodbye to their favourite beach bar! Kiki’s is back and hotter than ever! They have been rocking it with some 80’s & 90’s parties, and they are blessing Sahel with their crazy selections every single day.

     6) Lavender Beach

    If you’re searching for a day to chill on the beach with the best food, shisha, and atmosphere, then there’s no better way than Ghazala Bay’s Lavender.

     7) Sachi By The Sea


    Who said Sachi By The Sea is only for night parties? You can enjoy Sachi any time of the day! The food, the cocktails, the music, the people, everything is ultimately blissful at Sachi.


    By Sara Mosharef