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  • CGuides: Your Mid-week Guide to Partying Hard


    One more hectic week has gone, and two more days full of nothing but fun. Enjoy our list of the best mid-week parties happening around Cairo.


     1.       Tuesday After Work BBQ @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Tuesday 17/7)


    Your favourite Tuesday After Work party is back again at Cairo Jazz Club 610, where they serve the best food while Gabzee takes care of the music.

     2.       Basementality Ft. Misty @ Basement – Urban Pub (Tuesday 17/7)


    The Basement – Urban Pub is, of course, not quitting their usual Basementality party, and this time they’re bringing Misty.

     3.       Bashar Suleiman / Al Shareef Tor5y @ Cairo Jazz Club (Tuesday 17/7)


    CJC is welcoming two unique performances by Bashar Suleiman and Amr AL Alamy, aka Alshareef Tor5y.

     4.       R&B/hip-hop Ladies Night ft. DJ Feedo @ Gŭ Bar (Tuesday 17/7)


    Feedo is still mastering one more Ladies Night at Gu Bar!

     5.       M. Fayek / Gawdat @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Tuesday 17/7)


    What do you need after a delicious lunch? House music for sure! That’s why CJC 610 is continuing the night with DJs Fayek and duo Gawdat.

     6.       Rewind ft. Mobbz @ The Tap West (Wednesday 18/7)


    In this edition of the Rewind party, The Tap West will be featuring Mobbz as he hits some old hip-hop music.

     7.       Layalina ft. Ahmed Shiba @ Gŭ Bar (Wednesday 18/7)


    Once again, Ahmed Shiba is the one in charge of making you and the belly dancers get shaking at Gu Bar.

     8.       Say Whaaat?! Ft. DJ Feedo @ Cairo Jazz Club (Wednesday 18/7)


    One of everyone’s favourite parties is back again at CJC, Say Whaaat party is featuring the king DJ Feedo.

     9.       Karaoke @ Basement – Urban Pub (Wednesday 18/7)


    Ditch all the parties if you want to, and go teach them how it’s done at the Karaoke’s night at Basement – Urban Pub.

     10.   Hawidro / Basheer @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Wednesday 18/7)


    CJC 610 is changing your mood with a night full of different performances by Hawidro and Basheer.

     11.   Urban Wednesdays @ The Tap East (Wednesday 18/7)


    A.K is the one bringing back The Tap East’s Urban Wednesdays, and also the one who will be dropping some hot hip-hop tunes.

    By Sara Mosharef