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  • CGuides: Best Gigs this Midweek!


    When you feel it’s been a really long week, and you realise it’s only Tuesday, we always recommend grabbing your dancing shoes, forgetting about the rules, and just spending your night dancing. Here’s a list of the best midweek parties happening around the capital!

    R&B/hip-hop Ladies Night Ft. DJs Soul M & Doggy Dogg @ Gŭ Lounge (Tuesday 15/1)


    Get ready for the best R&B and hip-hop night with DJs, Soul M and Doggy Dogg at Gŭ Lounge, all powered by DJ Feedo. Ladies, enjoy your free entry, and dance all night long.

    Smash Beats, INSIN, & RAMA @ Cairo Jazz Club (Tuesday 15/1)


    Smash Beats, INSIN, & RAMA are going to take the CJC stage by storm, so get ready for three mind-blowing experimental music performances.

    Game Night @ The Tap Maadi, The Tap West, and the Tap East (Tuesday 15/1)


    Channel your inner Monica and head to any of The Taps because it’s game night!

    The One Four Five @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Wednesday 16/1)


    The One Four Five are taking the stage at Cairo Jazz 610, where they will be singing some iconic covers!

    Nakhla @ The Tap Maadi (Wednesday 16/1)


    At his week’s Elektro night, DJ Nakhla will set The Tap Maadi’s decks on fire with his sick house mixes.

    Wust El Balad @ The Tap West (Wednesday 16/1)


    This Weekend, Wust El Balad will set the west side on fire with their mind-blowing performance.

    Frk @ The Tap East (Wednesday 16/1)


    Head to The Tap East and enjoy a wild night of R&B and hip-hop with DJ FRK.

    By Dina Khafagy