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  • CGuides: 9 Parties You Shouldn’t Miss this Midweek


    If you’re not taking advantage of this midweek’s day off, then this article is not for you! Real parties happen in the middle of the week and now it’s extra hot with Tuesday day being off and Wednesday being busy as always. Check the list of our favourite parties this midweek.

     1.       Tuesday After Work BBQ ft. Bakir / Ramy DJunkie @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Tuesday 11/9)


    This is where you always need to start your day, especially when DJunkie and Bakir are the ones in charge of the great music.


     2.       Dirty Backseat / PanSTARRS @ Cairo Jazz Club (Tuesday 11/9)


    Cairo Jazz Club is also going a bit epic with two stunning bands, Dirty Backseat and PanSTARRS.


     3.       Ladies Night @ Music Zone (Tuesday 11/9)


    If you want to take a break from the kids, your husband and their nonsense, then head to Music Zone and enjoy your time with your girls, because it’s a ladies night!


     4.       Float Carlos @ The Garden Nile Front (Tuesday 11/9)


    Carlos is still heating up midweek Float Party at The Garden Nile Front, so don’t miss it.


     5.       Boogie Night ft. Ramy DJunkie @ Cairo Jazz Club (Wednesday 12/9)


    Your absolute favourite party hits again! Head to Cairo Jazz Club and boogie all night with the master himself, Ramy DJunkie.


     6.       Rewind ft Monde Dalida @ The Tap West (Wednesday 12/9)


    As always, The Tap West knows how to take you back in time with their Rewind Party, but this week they’re truly taking you back with a tribute for the beautiful Dalida by Monde Dalida band.


     7.       R&B Night @ OPIA (Wednesday 12/9)


    Nobody ever says NO to R&B! And if you think you ever will, you will succumb again because another night of R&B is getting mastered by Soul M at OPIA’s with its beautiful view and atmosphere.


     8.       Wust El Balad @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Wednesday 12/9)


    Have you ever been to Cairo Jazz Club 610 when Wust El Balad were there? If yes, then you know how epic this night is, if not, then you are surely missing a lot.


     9.       Fancy Wednesday @ Gŭ Bar (Wednesday 12/9)


    Don’t worry, fancy is just the name, in fact, Leithy will still be firing up the place with your favourite belly dancers and violinist Ahmed Mokhtar.

    By Sara Mosharef