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  • CGuides: 9 Midweek Parties You Shouldn’t Miss


    Forget about the sad sad fact that the summer is ending, we’ve got some crazy parties happening this midweek! Grab your dancing shoes; forget about the rules and just dance. Here’s a list of the best parties all around the capital.

    1.       Tuesday After Work BBQ @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Tuesday 28/8)


    There’s no better way to start your day than at CJC 610, and their super delicious brunch over the tunes of Marc Wahba.


    2.       Disc-OH! ft. Ramy DJunkie @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Tuesday 28/8)


    After being 100% full with food, wait for the king Ramy DJunkie to rock the house at their Disco-OH special party!


    3.       Oriental Tuesday @ 24K (Tuesday 28/8)


    If you’re in the mood for some oriental vibes, then head to 24K and dance a little bit with belly dancer Emly.


    4.       Float @ The Garden Nile Front (Tuesday 28/8)


    Two exceptional DJs are taking over this week’s Float party at The Garden Nile Front, A.Salah and Hazem.


    5.       Mauve. (Debut) @ Cairo Jazz Club (Tuesday 28/8)


    CJC is planning one more ‘first’ this Tuesday by welcoming the electronic duo project based in Cairo, Mauve.


    6.       Music Festival ft. Mahmoud El Leithy @ Gŭ Lounge (Wednesday 20/8)


    Wednesdays are always the best at Gu Lounge, this time, they’re welcoming the one who has been firing up every party he goes to. We are talking Mahmoud El Leithy folks, playing alongside him is violinist Ahmed Mokhtar and the belly dancers.


    7.       Taxi El Sahra ft. Ramy Djunkie @ Cairo Jazz Club (Wednesday 20/8)


    Don’t tell us you don’t wait for this party the way we do! Ramy DJunkie is mastering one more Taxi El Sahra party at CJC and you shouldn’t miss it.


    8.       Rewind @ The Tap West  (Wednesday 20/8)


    The Tap West is taking you back to the best music eras one again with DJ Zawzaw at their Rewind party.


    9.       El Dor El Awal @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Wednesday 20/8)


    If El Dor El Awal is one of your favourite bands, then you should head to CJC 610 because this is one of their best parties.

    By Sara Mosharef