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  • CGuides: 7 Places Hosting Insane Summer Parties in Sahel This Weekend


    Summer isn’t ending anytime soon, and we honestly hope it doesn’t, ever, because we still have so many parties to head to every single weekend. Here’s what’s happening this time.

     1.       6IX Degrees



    We thought that 6IX Degrees might get a bit lazy, but no, never! This weekend is so damn entertaining and full of energy with a sha3by Thursday, where the legendary Hakim takes over.

    And, on Friday, superstar Hisham Abbas will walk down the memory lane with all of us with some shaking hips by the one and only Dina.

    As usual, they’re ending it pretty big on Saturday by welcoming the internationally acclaimed Fatman Scoop, and DJ Rabbit will be joining afterwards.


     2.       Danos


    Danos is exceptional; we don’t need to tell you this! They’re serving exactly what you always need on Thursday with their usual After-Work party with Asser Nabil.

    On Friday, it seems like the day is very eventful! DJs Hafez & Shawki are blasting your morning with their beats. And at night, the craziest duo in the field aka Disco Misr are taking over.

    On Saturday, they are getting DJ Mohasseb to the decks for some hot tunes. 


     3.       Exit Club


    House vibes are pumping Exit this weekend. On Thursday, A. Salah and Akladios will be on the decks.

    On Friday, Sebzz is opening the night, then DJs Soul Button and Nick Devon will light it up with some magical tunes.

    Finally, Hazem and Duo are expected to set the place on fire this Saturday.


     4.       Rakkan By Sass


    Oriental is just Rakkan’s thing! Of course, on Thursday, Studio Zaman party is still on, and this time it’s with Ahmed Sheba.

    On Friday, they’re throwing an oriental party with your favourite belly dancer Johara, just in case you missed her in July.


    5.       Martin’s


    Martin’s beach club decided to go an extra mile for your entertainment, and on Friday they will be welcoming violinist Marsellio. Later DJ Filex will turn the dance floor upside down with his crazy tunes.


     6.       Pearl Beach Club


    There’s no better place to get lost in summer than in Pearl at their Thursday Summer Vibes party with DJ Shady Maher.


     7.       Vibes Beach Club


    Who needs a boring swimming pool when you can go to Vibes on Friday, and dance with Johara over your absolute favourite songs with Marcielo?

    By Sara Mosharef