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  • CGuides: 6IX Degrees Brings Hisham Abbass, Fatman Scoop & More This Weekend

    Ballantine's - 6IX Degrees-35

    While sometimes you think that you might outgrow your love for music and ‘til-sunrise-parties, we just know you won’t because we never do. Years back, when 6IX Degrees opened, Cairo’s clubbers were immersed in the love they had for all the parties inside the capital, but they never got the same experience in Sahel. After 6IX Degrees’ Sahel opening, the nightlife hotspot quickly became the perfect north-coast party destination. Yes, the party fanatics might not be in the capital during summer, but still, they get to see and hear only the best performers conquering the stage with their tunes and vocals. So, keeping up with the tradition, 6IX Degrees are back this year with even more parties. And this weekend, they are keeping you entertained with an ever so hot line-up of performers. 


    On Friday, 6IX Degrees is going absolutely insane with a much more nostalgic & oriental night. First up they have Hisham Abbas. This is the night everyone is waiting for because it will take us on a trip down memory the lane of a long lost childhood. Later, the belly dancer Dina who has captivated the larger audience of Egypt will be going all out with her hips shaking to some tabla beats.


    As the weekend comes to a close, 6IX Degrees have still got a big fat surprise for you on Saturday; the internationally acclaimed Fatman Scoop. You will be listening and dancing to his oomphy hip-hop songs. If you don’t know him, that’s a shame. Wait up, this is not where the night ends because DJ Rabbit is coming all the way from Toyroom Mykonos club in Greece to take over the 6IX Degrees decks. It is going to be one hell of a night, and definitely one hell of a summer weekend.