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  • CGuides: 10 Underrated Cairo Bars & Pubs That You Absolutely Have to Try

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    Have you ever heard someone say ‘love will come to you when you stop searching for it?’ Well, we think the same goes for bars! Some of the best bars in Egypt are actually hidden in the cracks of the city, and we believe that no matter how hard you search, you’ll never find them popping like other famous bars and pubs. This is exactly why we’ve decided to bring them to you. Here’s a list of what you are missing about Cairo.


    1) Almaz


    Almaz is an Egyptian bar and club that serves up the best oriental vibes! Belly dancers, shisha, sha3by music and everything you’d ever want. It is located in Swiss Inn Hotel, and some of you may already know all about it.


    2) Underground

    underground after 8

    Underground is a small bar located in Mohandseen, and it has an incredible entertainment schedule every week. We feel sad for you if you ever overlooked this one.


    3) Deals


    Those who love wine and beer, know about Deals! This is the place you go when you need to chill and just have a glass of your favourite wine and pint/s of beer.


    4) Bourbon


    There isn’t much to search for in New Cairo, but of course you can forget about a bar or two. Bourbon is one of those bars you never pay attention to when you’re cruising, even though they’ve got the beats and the great food. 


    5) Sherazade


    If you just need to try out a Cabaret, then head to Sherazade in Downtown Cairo. Everything about this place will make you feel nostalgic.


    6) Cairo Cellar


    Take your buddy, grab a drink together, abandon your cell phone and just enjoy a cosy night at Zamalek’s bar, Cairo Cellar.


    7) Pub 28

    pUB 28

    Pub 28 is one of those bars that are hard find. It offers drinks, and pub food with an Egyptian twist. Additionally, there is always 80’s music playing in the background.


    8) Estoril


    Estoril is known for being a hub where philosophers, drinkers and foodies meet in Downtown Cairo. It serves delicious oriental food like Kebda sandwiches and fatta dishes, alongside the usual beer and spirits. It also has been around for a while, so expect to see lots of wood in the furniture and vintage elements around the house.


    9) Don Quichotte

    Don Quich

    A family-run that has a long withstanding history of being a restobar, which recently only became a bar due to the demanding Cairenes. The quality of food and drink hasn’t changed overtime, and the retro feel has survived the years.


    10) Windsor


    This downtown bar has survived conflicts, wars and stuff that ain’t easy to comprehend. And , with a history of serving the best food and drinks for members of royal British soliders back in day, this bar is a must-try.


    By Sara Mosharef

    Cover by Mohammed Hussein