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  • CGuides: 11 Parties to Help You Unwind This Midweek

    7th and 8th Opening - CJC610 (59 of 112)

    With some days being crappy, we can all agree that the thing that keeps us going during a week full of work, is knowing that in the end the weekend will come and swoop us with its cool parties. Until then, we, your loyal gossip whisperers, have created this compiled list of some awesome midweek parties. Don’t let the week get the better of you, take a break and party, people!

    1) R&B/hip-hop Ladies Night Ft. DJ Feedo @ GŬ LOUNGE (Tuesday 18th)


    We are pleased to inform all the ladies out there that the Mid-week party is still on at Gŭ Lounge where the best R&B and hip-hop DJs, DJ Feedo will be up on the decks, with DJ Hany Hassan in charge of the warm-up.

    2) DJ Nada @ THE GARDEN NILE FRONT (Tuesday 18th)


    DJ Nada will be running The Garden Nile Front’s decks, and will be spinning her unique sets all over the place. As for the ladies, enjoy the free entry (if part of a couple) until midnight.

    3) Tuesday After-Work BBQ Ft. Misty, & Gazbee @ CAIRO JAZZ CLUB 610 (Tuesday 18th)


    On Tuesdays we barbeque, that’s the CJC 610 motto. And for this After Work BBQ they are bringing some house tunes to the decks with Misty, and Gazbee.

    4) Mauve, The Meteors Project, & Tag @ CAIRO JAZZ CLUB (Tuesday 18th)



    Mauve will be performing their original music that is a mixture between electronic, soulful, and old school beats, along with some groovy covers this Tuesday at Cairo Jazz Club. Meteors Project, and TAG will keep you on your feet and shaking it for the rest of the night.

    5) Midweek Unique @ UNDERGROUND BY AFTER 8 (Tuesday 18th)


    The one and only DJ Dina will be running Underground by After 8’s decks this Tuesday. Get ready for her exceptional music.

    6) Game Night @ THE TAP EAST, WESTand MAADI (Tuesday 18th)


    Head to any of the Taps and end a mid-week crisis The Tap way. Don’t miss game night with its endless fun.

    7) Asia Madani @ CAIRO JAZZ CLUB 610 (Wednesday 19th)


    The African icon Asia Madani is performing at CJC 610 this Wednesday. So don’t miss the epic Wednesday Night Live!

    8) Say Whaaat?! Ft. DJ Feedo @ CAIRO JAZZ CLUB (Wednesday 19th)


    DJ Feedo is back at Cairo Jazz Club for another wild edition of Say Whaaat?!

    9) Flash B, & Sotusura @ THE TAP EAST (Wednesday 19th)


    DJ Flash B, and Sotusura are going to be playing an insane mix of R&B and hip-hop at The Tap East.

    10) Elektro Night @ THE TAP MAADI (Wednesday 19th)


    Sebzz is coming to The Tap Maadi, where he will be running this week’s Elektro Night edition.

    11) Garaseen & DJ Hashem @ THE TAP WEST (Wednesday 19th)


    Get ready for one hell of a night where The Tap West welcomes Amman-based band Garaseen, who will rock the stage with their indie electro-pop tunes, and later DJ Hashem will get on the decks.


    By Dina Khafagy