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  • CGuides: 10 Fly After-Work Midweek Parties

    CJC 610 Asia Madani -44

    It is mid-summer, and while all your buds are in a swimsuit somewhere, or taking a tour around the world, you are stuck in the mother land. Hence, we know what a bit of midweek magic can do to you, so you can avoid putting a jinx on your friends’ trips altogether. Here’s a list of what’s happening this midweek at your favourite bars and clubs.

     1.       Tuesday After Work BBQ @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Tuesday)


    We don’t need to introduce this party to anyone, it’s famous enough! All you have to do is grab your favourite work buddy, leave work a bit early and head to CJC 610 for the best food and the greatest tunes played by Gabzee.

     2.       Mohasseb @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Tuesday)


    After the delicious meal you just had at CJC 610, wait for Mohasseb to make you dance till the end of the night!

     3.       Disorder / MEM @ Cairo Jazz Club (Tuesday)


    Disorder and MEM are taking over CJC and it’s definitely going to be epic!

     4.       Teatro @ 24K (Tuesday)


    24K restaurant and bar is going all oriental this Tuesday with belly dancer Raghd and DJ Tommy.

     5.       Float @ The Garden Nile Front (Tuesday)


    The Garden Nile Front is planning one more float night with DJs Zio and Hazem who will play separately at first,then charm you with a B2B set together.

     6.       Say Whaaat?! Ft. DJ Feedo @ Cairo Jazz Club (Wednesday)


    Say Whaaat? It’s back? Yes it’s back! Feedo is mastering one more edition of Say Whaaat party at CJC.

     7.       Dina El Wedidi / Wust El Balad @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Wednesday)


    This Wednesday Night Live party is just different with your much loved local band, Wust el Balad and the beautiful Dina El Wedidi at CJC 610.

    8.       Rewind ft AKM @ The Tap West (Wednesday)


    Rewind party at The Tap West can never be the same without AKM for sure.

     9.       Layalina ft. Abd El Baset Hamouda @ Gŭ Lounge (Wednesday)


    Abd El Baset Hamouda will do the singing and a surprise belly dancer will take care of the dancing at this week’s Layalina party at Gu Lounge.

     10.   Mobzz @ The Tap East (Wednesday)


    The Tap East will be set on fire by the one and only Mobzz.

    By Sara Mosharef