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  • CGuide: Your Favourite Bars & Clubs Are Showing The World Cup 2018!

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    Who said bars are only for drinking and dancing? Our very loyal Egyptian bars can never miss the 2018 World Cup, not for anything in the world. That’s why we decided to bring you a list of all your favourite bars that will be showing all matches at all times.


    In Cairo


    1) Cairo Jazz Club 610

    world cup matches

    CJC 610 isn’t just a normal club showing the World Cup matches; it’s one of the biggest venues (if not the biggest), and it is going to give you the chance to enjoy every single match! Delicious food is there, your favourite pints will always be filled to the brim, and the huge screens won’t let you miss a pass or a goal.

    2) The Tap West


    October residents, The Tap has got you covered. You don’t have to worry about coming back from work late, or what you’re going to eat or drink to fulfil your inner alcohol lover. The Tap West will provide everything you can dream of, and all you have to do is cheer.

    3) Eat & Barrel


    If you feel like the watching the match with a Nile view to double the shivers and adrenaline you are gonna have, head to Eat & Barrel! They will be screening all the Egypt matches.

    4) Mantis


    What’s better than watching your awaited match with beautiful views, delicious food, and having all the best cocktails made for you? Absolutely nothing! Our new favourite spot, Mantis, wants you to gather all your friends, and watch the matches with them. Don’t let them down.

    5) The Tap East


    Tap East never misses out on any occasion: normal parties, summer parties, Ramadan, Eid, and now The World Cup! Of course this place will be open and waiting for you all to gather and cheer for our team.

    6) Ora


    If classy is your middle name, then Ora is the right place for you. Ora Restobar’s food is just too tasty to ignore, and the atmosphere is classy and neat. So now, all you have to do is head there, enjoy a juicy brunch and keep cheering and analysing the matches.

    7) The Tap Maadi


    The Tap Maadi is hosting a lot of parties in Eid, but they didn’t forget about the World Cup matches! Head there and enjoy only the best drinks and chicken wings, and cheer for your team.

     8) Cairo Jazz Club


    Some people never change their favourite place, they stick to it. Cairo Jazz Club indeed doesn’t want to disappoint you or watch you go anywhere else, that’s why throughout the whole month, you can head there and watch all the matches, day and night!


    Outside Cairo


    9) Irish Pub


     Irish Pub has been people’s favourite for so long now, that’s why it’s not missing out on this occasion. You can now head to your favourite pub and cheer for our team in El Gouna. 

    10) Danos Beach Bar


    No need to leave the beautiful weather and the beach to watch Egypt’s first game, just head to Danos and enjoy the match with everyone else at Hacienda, the North Coast.

    11) Jobos Sports Bar

     If you are in Gouna, and can’t find a good place with drinks to watch Egypt’s match, head to Jobos Sports Bar.

    12) Bus Stop – Sahl Hasheesh


    You can still enjoy your vacation in Sahl Hasheesh without missing any of the matches. Bus Stop-Sahl Hasheesh is now creating a huge spot for all the fans, and all the people who want to watch what Mohamed Salah is about to do.

    By Sara Mosharef