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  • CG Weekend Guide: Moustafa Amar, DJunkie, Sharmoofers, Misty & More


    The exhausting work days have finally come to an end, don’t tell us you’re not excited, because we are, as this weekend holds some of the best parties.

    Starting off with Thursday, Cairo Jazz Club is going all feminine with a party mastered by legendary women like Do’souka, Shereen Abdo, and Shahira Welnas Elkhatira. Speaking of women, DJ Nada is the one in charge of the week’s Nile Vibes party at The Garden Nile Front, while DJunkie is bringing back all dat DJunk at The Tap Maadi. And, Mostafa Hagag is taking over this week Gu Lounge’s WKND party.

    On the west side, one epic party is happening at The Tap West, with two crazy bands: Sharmoofers and Disco Misr. And at Cairo Jazz Club 610, some international vibes are taking over with Katermukke Showcase, Dirty Doering, and Niconé.  Last but not least, Bella Figura is bringing back their Mashup Thursdays with AKM.

    On Friday, start your day with a delicious brunch at either The Tap East with Farah Khalil & KB or at The Tap West with Mariam Ghareeb. At night, there’s absolutely no other place to be than at Cairo Jazz Club 610 because the super star Moustafa Amar is taking over with the master DJunkie. Also, Rawi Restaurant & Bar seems to be coming back pretty, as they’re welcoming Oka & Ortega and the belly dancer Maris.

    Meanwhile, Cairo Jazz Club is leaving your happiness in the hands of Misty and Ashmawy because they know they can make you groove. And, OPIA thinks no one is better at Tabla Night more than Mostafa Taha, or at least that’s what you guys love!

    Saturday, as always, is way better when you start it at Cairo Jazz Club 610, especially with DJ Safi and Funk Off are taking over. And it’s not going to be the same without Gu Lounge’s oriental parties; this week Ahmed Shiba is the one making the belly dancers move. Also, Underground’s nostalgic night is still on, so head there and enjoy some oldies.

    If you ladies are willing to take a break from your men and your babies, then The Garden Nile Front will be more than happy to serve you the best music at their Ladies Night. While The Tap East are pleasing house lovers this Saturday, as they’re bringing Frogmoose to the stage.

    Finally, Sadat and Islam Chipsy are once again heading to Cairo Jazz Club for their Saturday L’Oriental party. And ORA is still the fancy place you need to be to enjoy a good party!

    By Sara Mosharef