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  • CG Weekend Guide: Mahmoud El Leithy, El Dor El Awal, AKM, El Sawarekh, Arrab,& More


    There’s nothing better than a weekend full of parties, and here in Cairo there’s always a party happening somewhere.

    Starting off with Thursday, two unique bands are taking over Cairo Jazz Club, El Dor El Awal and Bahiyya. While at Cairo Jazz Club 610, DJs Frey, Lexer, and Sebzz are taking over. Also, DJ Armen V is heating up the night at The Tap West.

    And, if you’re in the mood for some oriental vibes, Gu Lounge is preparing one more WKND party with Saad El Soghyar, violinist Ahmed Mokhtar, and the belly dancers, or you can enjoy Underground’s special Sagat Night. Now, if you always keep on singing La2 La2 or Ana Gada3, then you should head to Rawi because they’re welcoming both bands behind these songs with belly dancer Linda. Finally, this week’s edition of Nile Vibes party at The Garden Nile Front is mastered by DJ Malak.

    On Friday, you can start your day with a brunch at either The Tap East over Cesar’s tunes or at The Tap West over Hamed El Sayeh’s voice. Or, you can also head to The Garden Nile Front where they’re planning an outdoor party with DJs Nada, Sheeko, and Marry Khalil. And of course, at night there’s nowhere else to be other than Cairo Jazz Club, where Arrab and Omar Sherif take over.

    Elsewhere, at Cairo Jazz Club 610, two exceptional DJs, AK and DJ KoooGee are taking over to serve an unforgettable night. And at OPIA, people are still going crazy over the venue’s Tabla Night. And because our list wouldn’t be the same without oriental parties, here’s two of them: one at 24K with belly dancer Naaima and Hamo Beka, and another at Gu Lounge with Abd El Baset Hamouda.

    Saturday should always start with a brunch at Cairo Jazz Club 610, we’re not changing our mind about this, and this weekend The Gypsy Jazz Project and Hassan Abou Alam are the ones in charge. Right after this, you can head to Cairo Jazz Club as the African vibes take over with Almena and RT Nuba, or celebrate with The Tap branches Oktoberfest where AKM taking over The Tap East, Teddy at The Tap West, and Sewwes with DJ Tata at The Tap Maadi.

    Last but not least, don’t miss Gu Lounge’s crazy party with the one and only Mahmoud El Leithy who will be making the belly dancers, and you, move some hips. 


    These are only a few of the events taking place this weekend across the capital – check out the Cairo Gossip calendar for more.

    By Sara Mosharef